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Jyoti Gujral, CFP®

The principal of the firm, Jyoti Gujral, is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with over 27 years of experience in financial services and planning. Financial Solutions Group manages employee benefits as well as 401K plans for small and medium sized firms.

Financial Solutions Group assists businesses and individuals in aspects of retirement planning, analysis and guidance relating to financial products in making investment decisions. As specialists we gather financial information, analyze it, and make recommendations based upon the client’s investment requirements. We also help our clients identify and plan to meet their short and long term goals. As investment representatives we help clients with retirement and estate planning, funding college education, and investment choices. We offer advice on a wide range of topics, ranging from retirement and estate planning to risk management. We also develop a financial plan that helps identify problem areas, making recommendations or for improvement, and selecting appropriate investments compatible with the client’s goals, attitude toward risk, and expectations or needs on the investments. We answer clients’ questions regarding changes in benefit plans or the consequences of a change in their businesses or an individuals’ job or career.